Much more than just an image

I'm Ricardo Santos, Brazilian photographer living in Helsinki, Finland, with my loved family. I try to bring our most truthful feelings into images and share with others the little knowledge I have about this amazing craft called photography.
Although I have been surrounded by photography throughout my life, the little guy on the image was the reason I got back to it. I decided to get my first digital camera system because I wanted to keep the memories of his childhood to be remembered for the rest of our lives. I just wasn't expecting photography to become such a big part of my life.
Photographing mainly people for the past 7 years has become a part of what I am. It's not about making beautiful images in beautiful places, but digging deeper feelings of the human soul that our everyday modern life many times forces us to hide inside ourselves. It's about bringing the fragile, the fierce, the powerful or the vulnerable ourselves into an image that can truly speaks more than a thousand words. 
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